Mortal Moral Quandry: FINISH IT

Hypomotheticaly speaking are you obligated to report seeing a dead body? I mean obligated in the legal sense as the moral one is undoubtedly “duh-UH!”. Lets say as a fer-instance you are hopping and bopping along to “She-bop” on your car radio (because it could happen if you are me) and you’re stopped in traffic on a busy city street and out of the corner of your eye there’s a dude in a windbreaker hanging out a window, arms dangling, a large piece of furniture or something pressed against them, a dead, hollow, deep look in their eyes. Factor in you have a mobile phone in your car (yes, your car, not your pants, we didn’t have pants or cell phones that could even fit into pants back then if we had them in the first place which we DIDN’T thanks for bringing up the painful realities of my youth again, you bastard) and you may or may not have completed a drugs/gun/human traficking deal that you swear is your last one and then you’re going legit and taking the night managers position at your uncles erotic button factory.


Well, what would YOU do if YOU were the driver? (yea, thats gonna be my catch-phrase and yes, its stolen)


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