Nexus 7 review by a Mac lover


This review came to me by my brother who recieved it from a tech in his office regarding a Nexus 7 he bought.

It’s a good device. I don’t like Android’s way of doing things overall, it seems like it has a whole lot of unnecessary complexity and little one-off “hey we thought this would be a good idea here” that makes things inconsistent…

Sometimes they’re good ideas, sometimes not so much. For example: there’s a link to the google play store in the top right of the application menus – good way of getting more apps, I guess, but odd. I can long press anywhere in the main UI page to change backgrounds – that’s just… not so useful, IMO. It’s not a function I need to do every day.

Other things I just attribute to Android being different than iOS, but overall it’s a general feeling of lack of polish and overarching principles and adherence to simplicity. There’s also stuff like certain parts of the UI not scrolling smoothly or being very responsive, it just rubs me the wrong way.

With those complaints aside overall it’s pretty damn good, and seems to work fairly well. The device construction is definitely good – heck, in some ways I somewhat prefer the rubber/plastic back on the Nexus to the aluminum one of the iPad. Definitely needs a much higher res screen – retina is here to stay.

If this had come to market without an iPad (or iPhone) existing it would be revolutionary and amazing. But with those existing, it feels like a top of the line Honda compared to a Mercedes. They both get you places just fine, but one is very clearly way more polished than the other will ever be.

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