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Future News

Help them help us (the internet) STOP SOPA AND PIPA!!!

From the Desk of Google (and others):

Tell Congress: Don’t censor the Web


Fighting online piracy is important. The most effective way to shut down pirate websites is through targeted legislation that cuts off their funding. There’s no need to make American social networks, blogs and search engines censor the Internet or undermine the existing laws that have enabled the Web to thrive, creating millions of U.S. jobs.

Too much is at stake – please vote NO on PIPA and SOPA.




End of the World Day (website)

With so many religions and public figures predicting the end of the world (since the beginning of time), we here at the site thought it would only be appropriate to pick a day once a year where we can all just simply sit back and enjoy the end of the world together.

Starting NOW! The end of the world day will be the second Saturday in August (in 2011, that is August 13th), and will be celebrated each August until the end actually does occur. And possibly even after. Why not?



Endoftheworldday.com is all about embracing the end of the world – and why not? It happens so often, we thought “why not make it a regular holiday?!”

So we did.

So, from this year until FOREVER, End of the World Day will be the second Saturday in August.

So check out www.endoftheworldday.com for all your apocalyptic needs.