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Future News

This is the best Chromebook of 2015

HP Chromebook - 14-x050nr Touch - J9M96UA#ABA

HP Chromebook – 14-x050nr Touch – J9M96UA#ABA


Well, this is that Chromebook. So stick it other websites.

Here you go:  HP.COM


Android “M” will be called MARSHMALLOW – that is all.

android marshmallow

android marshmallow


Say it ain’t so


That is all

That is all.


Remember, End of the World Day is August 11th!





Hey you! What’s your problem? I thought you readers liked nonsense? End of the World Day is coming up (AGAIN)!   I know – so SOON! It is a great time of the year, because it’s like the 4th of July and April fools had a red-headed step child for some reason. Anyway, speaking of which, EOTWD is SMACK DAB right in the middle between The 4th of July and Labor Day! (well, almost) Not only is this ideal for the purposes of putting a real holiday in August, but… well, we are putting a real holiday in August. But anyway!


Please see the site, and read up on what is what, and how to celebrate EOTWD properly, buy a t-shirt or just officialize yourself an an official part of The Oblivions. (whatever that is).

The best part is, you can do it every year! So, get out of here, and check it out at the link!

See: http://www.endoftheworldday.com/


Saint Josephs BDAY and “the LAST Supper”


I am pretty sure this is photo-shopped since camera's did not exist back then.


St. Joe’s Birthday (March 19th)

Saint Josephs day is march 19th or something. Do you know why he is a saint? He was appointed a saint by the Pope, because he was the spouse of the virgin mary, and she was a complete weirdo or whatever with all this divine vaginal stuff going on, and Joe was like – “oh god, FML”, I need a break. So the pope was like – OK dude, I get it. POOF. You are a saint. all set. And joe was like, no shit? Can I get a free membership to the sheep festival? The Pope was like – yeah. No.


So this is the last supper. Which pretty much means it isn't.

The Last Supper (according to those there)

So the last supper is basically pretty important. Not only because its a legendary story, but also because there is a huge misconception about it. There is a pretty standard story that goes along with the last supper that includes brother jebus making some fine stew and bread to go with it. Also, there was a few rumors about booze, but I can”t confirm nor deny that portion. So anyway, the big thing about this is – it never happened. How do I know and be so sure? WELL…

Mainly because its THE LAST SUPPER. And I am pretty sure since jeebus made all that stuff, there have been other suppers that people have had. So, it being the last is just a fable. They probably mean like.. “OH THIS IS THE LAST SUPPER I am making this damn stew, because I can’t find any good rosemary around up in this stable and whatever”. So that is pretty much a guaranteed fact i think. So, who knows when the last supper will be? Well, pretty much the people having it, I would venture to guess.

I also imagine there will be some serious arguments about when the last one will be. My guess is the second Saturday in august, since its the end of the world day. But back to the last supper we all know about. I am pretty sure they did not have ketchup there, which pretty much sucks.

This post was sponsored by GOD (not godmode). Why? I won $2 in the lottery, so that pays for coffee which keeps me from going on a hissy-fit spree according to sources close to such incidents.


Help them help us (the internet) STOP SOPA AND PIPA!!!


From the Desk of Google (and others):

Tell Congress: Don’t censor the Web


Fighting online piracy is important. The most effective way to shut down pirate websites is through targeted legislation that cuts off their funding. There’s no need to make American social networks, blogs and search engines censor the Internet or undermine the existing laws that have enabled the Web to thrive, creating millions of U.S. jobs.

Too much is at stake – please vote NO on PIPA and SOPA.




End of the World Day (website)


With so many religions and public figures predicting the end of the world (since the beginning of time), we here at the site thought it would only be appropriate to pick a day once a year where we can all just simply sit back and enjoy the end of the world together.

Starting NOW! The end of the world day will be the second Saturday in August (in 2011, that is August 13th), and will be celebrated each August until the end actually does occur. And possibly even after. Why not?



Endoftheworldday.com is all about embracing the end of the world – and why not? It happens so often, we thought “why not make it a regular holiday?!”

So we did.

So, from this year until FOREVER, End of the World Day will be the second Saturday in August.

So check out www.endoftheworldday.com for all your apocalyptic needs.



at&t goes in for the kill: buying T-Mobile.


image by engadgetmobile.com

Oh great. Just what I needed – to make another decision. I have been reading some blogs and replies to posts, and the greatest replies are the FuTards asking when they can buy an iPhone. BUY ONE WHENEVER YOU WANT. I understand this is good for at&t for a larger LTE footprint, and of course, T-Mobile is in the shitsink, but it does come as a surprise, I guess. I would have liked a merger with Sprint more. Their philosophy is more aligned with one another. So, I guess this means a bill-hike and a rules change. It also means I will likely be able to terminate my contract with T-Mobile. at some point. Sprint seems like the next best options – even though I left them over a decade ago for Omnipoint (who would eventually become VoiceStream, then bought by T-Mobile).

Great. Sprint. Until Verizon buys them.


Here you go:


Everyone has an opinion.


WTF did you say?

I have owned GODMODE.COM now for over a decade (that is 10 years in hexicopter speak). Since then, I have pretty much klet let is sit and collect various microbes of stuff I enjoy reading. Tech stuff like cellphones, or satellite, PC stuff, modding, overclocking, whatever.

Where I work now, most of the people CANNOT believe I own all of these GODMODE domains. It is a gaming cult sort of term (Google it, boytch).  I used to have gaming cheats on it, game links, and whatever link sharing was available in 1998.

Now, as time goes on, I am trying to do something else with it. I have some ideas but welcome input fro others. In the upper-left are links to the old 8 year forum of tech stuff you can read. I will always have that because there is a lot of nostalgia in the old tech posts.

So, if you have any ideas, want to write or be an author, let me know. No jokers – unless you are funny. Now, GFYS.



4G. Is it better? Do we care?


Wow. 4G bla bla speeds are coming. What does it mean? In the immortal words of some asssholes on Facebook – I bet I can find 1 million people who don’t know the friggin difference.

So what is better? A Next Generation wireless network that’s really fast! Or! A last generation network that is pretty damn fast for what I need. And it likely wont have a surcharge.

I am all for innovation, really. But, there is a chance that most people won’t care. And those who do? Most of them won’t know why.

Just give me a mobile OS that works on a network with 99.98% up-time Just like those asshat website providers who lease their servers from some other asshole.

Just make it work “better’er”.

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