Stop hijacking my interests on the way to your home page

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Stop hijacking my interests on the way to your home page

Postby Administrator » Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:31 pm

This is something that truly pisses me off. I am surfing my regular sites, and ALLASUDDEN (!) I get an advertizement before getting pased along to the real home page I am supposed to be going to. I liken this to those semi-FuTardial people at the malls (ihatemalls) with their fancy carts that ask you "can I ask you a kwestyun?.. does you has a GF or a Wife? NO I dont have a GF of a wife, and I have no room in my life for happiness or your stupid skin cream. G.O. A.W.A.Y. This hijacking/stalking/hostaging/terroristic act of forcing me to look at some ad that might not even suite my demographic is a crime in itself. I don't mind that you want me to check out ads on your cool home pages, but really, forcefacef*cking me into seeing your ad beforehand is downright assholy. There are several sites that I could name here, but I will not, because I would be advertizing them, and they don't need the publicity. Not that anyone importing is reading this post, but I felt the need to stab your eyes with my bluntFORWARDness and bring up the topic. Thanks, but no thanks!

Thanks asso!

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