NewFossil Abacus SPOT Watch

Microsofts new Smart Personal Object Technology.

NewFossil Abacus SPOT Watch

Postby Administrator » Wed May 24, 2006 12:10 pm

Giz seems to be in tune iwht the new SPOT stuff. What I see is too little to late considering people with cell phones can get this sort of info already - a year or so ago I had said just the opposite, but that was before all this cool new shit came out with better services and pricing. I would have imagined these watches to be color now.

Let’s get one thing straight. We were about to write off SPOT. The technology, while very cool, has thus far been limited to a few geek watches and weather stations that the average Joe—the guy who might want to wear a watch rather than check the time on his cellphone—would consider picking one up.


more @ the source: ... 176001.php
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