Bluetooth Alert Jewelry?

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Bluetooth Alert Jewelry?

Postby Administrator » Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:46 pm

I think this is something I could get into - a BT bracelet, or a watch, heck even a ring that vibrated when a phone call came in. One thing I do not like to do is keep my ringer on. I like to be as convert and quiet as possible in public places, and I don't need to bring any extra attention to myself (being a covert private person)... so these devices work out pretty well. The question is, which one? You have the simple bracelet that just vibrates and has a blue led when paired with your cell. Then, there is the one-upper that has a small LED display that will tell you the phone number of the person calling - nice. Lastly, if the mother (currently) of all BT wrist gear stuffs - a wristwatch that will display the caller ID name and number, is a watch, and also not bad looking to boot. They are of varying price range from about $25-$80. There aren't many of these out there, so I imagine once (and if) they become more common place, the prices will come down. In the meantime, I am thinking of taking the plunge.


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