HourDoc SMS Clock-In System

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HourDoc SMS Clock-In System

Postby Administrator » Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:51 pm

Genius - now that SMS services are picking up (unless you are a lousy company like GoLiveMobile and have no clue how to run a company) you get something useful like this. Not only is the virtual office/company is nearly a necessity for keeping costs down (free junkfood) you can now clock your hours with a text message. Actually, I don't think I really care - I just wanted to mention how lousy GoLiveMobile is!


Web-based employee tracking company HourDoc.com has just released a new service that will enable employees working on remote projects to clock-in and out by sending a simple text message. The system consists of four commands: “in”, “out”, “bin” or “bout” meaning “clocking in”, “clocking out”, “taking a break/clock in” or “taking a break/clock out.” Obviously, this SMS system is reserved only for the most anal retentive and overbearing of bosses, but I don't see how it would be effective in the first place. Couldn't you just clock back in from lunch while sitting at the bar?

more @ the source:
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