HTC tyTN aka hermes aka Cingular 8525 aka MDA II etc...

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HTC tyTN aka hermes aka Cingular 8525 aka MDA II etc...

Postby Nightrage » Mon Oct 02, 2006 11:40 am

Kinda old news but it hasn't been posted up here...

Man this phone is just incredible. For those that don't know, this phone is the updated HTC wizard(t-mobile MDA) except it has a better processor, 2megapixel camera, and quad-band with UMTS/HSDPA so it really will work anywhere in the world with cellular networks.

My friend has been testing a HTC branded one on cingulars HSPDA networks. god its fast. He really does get about 600-700kbps.

I myself never got the MDA; I still have the JAM. The MDA seemed too flimsy, and I didn't realize that they downgraded the cpu from 400mhz on the JAM to 200 something mhz on the MDA.

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Postby Administrator » Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:01 pm

I beta'd the mda last winter, and it was definately flimsey, and just over all sluggish, to me. GIVE ME STEEL MAN!

Or at least aluminum :)
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