Qualcomms SnapDragon Specification - Read it.

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Qualcomms SnapDragon Specification - Read it.

Postby Administrator » Sun Dec 20, 2009 2:00 pm

There has been a lot of hubbub on what the SnapDragon actually is, does and is capable of supporting. So here it is, the definitive guide (just read their website stupid) and prepare to be stupefied.


What is is not:
SnapDragon is NOT a CPU
SnapDragon is NOT a Graphics accelerator
SnapDragon is NOT a 3G chip-set
SnapDragon is not a pet.

What is IS:
SnapDragon is/supports ALL of these technologies. SnapDragon is a platform on which mobile manufacturers can build their mobile devices on.

SnapDragon supports up to WXVGA (1280x720), up to 12MP digital camera's and up to 720p video decode.

The graphics power of the SnapDragon platform is impressive:
High-performance 3D graphics – up to 22M triangles/sec and 133M 3D pixels/sec

Codec support is also a lengthy list, as well as support for Mobile broadcast TV (MediaFLO).

GPS support includes built-in seventh-generation gpsOne® engine with Standalone-GPS and Assisted-GPS modes

While a lot of websites claim the CPU registers at 1GHz, and others say 600MHz. The truth is the main CPU runs at 1GHz while the DPS (digital signal processor) runs at 600Mhz.

more @ the source:
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