Nexus 7 review by a Mac lover


This review came to me by my brother who recieved it from a tech in his office regarding a Nexus 7 he bought.

It’s a good device. I don’t like Android’s way of doing things overall, it seems like it has a whole lot of unnecessary complexity and little one-off “hey we thought this would be a good idea here” that makes things inconsistent…



Remember, End of the World Day is August 11th!




Hey you! What’s your problem? I thought you readers liked nonsense? End of the World Day is coming up (AGAIN)!   I know – so SOON! It is a great time of the year, because it’s like the 4th of July and April fools had a red-headed step child for some reason. Anyway, speaking of which, EOTWD is SMACK DAB right in the middle between The 4th of July and Labor Day! (well, almost) Not only is this ideal for the purposes of putting a real holiday in August, but… well, we are putting a real holiday in August. But anyway!


Please see the site, and read up on what is what, and how to celebrate EOTWD properly, buy a t-shirt or just officialize yourself an an official part of The Oblivions. (whatever that is).

The best part is, you can do it every year! So, get out of here, and check it out at the link!



For No reason

tales from the cube

tales from the cube

Here we have a plastic candy-pooping sheep, a fuzzy quacking duck, a squishy cactus and, a twizzler/marshmallow necklace.