Where am I?


Shortly after I posted this, I left the store. I never made it to my car. I woke up groggy in a small dark room with a bright light focused in my eyes, so I couldn’t see what was directly in front of me. What I did see a table with 2 bowls of ice cream. One colored


End of the World Day (website)

With so many religions and public figures predicting the end of the world (since the beginning of time), we here at the site thought it would only be appropriate to pick a day once a year where we can all just simply sit back and enjoy the end of the world together.

Starting NOW! The end of the world day will be the second Saturday in August (in 2011, that is August 13th), and will be celebrated each August until the end actually does occur. And possibly even after. Why not?



Endoftheworldday.com is all about embracing the end of the world – and why not? It happens so often, we thought “why not make it a regular holiday?!”

So we did.

So, from this year until FOREVER, End of the World Day will be the second Saturday in August.

So check out www.endoftheworldday.com for all your apocalyptic needs.



Zero Charisma — An indie comedy about the greatest Dungeon & Dragons Master ever.

zero charisma

The Story:
Scott Weidemeier spends his time in exactly three ways: working a menial job at a local donut shop, caring for his abusive grandmother, and running The Greatest Dungeons & Dragons Game of All Time.  Though overbearing and short-tempered, Scott is a hero to his fellow players–that is, until neo-nerd hipster Miles Butler joins the game, fueling Scott’s rampant insecurity and alienating him from his own players.  Can Scott overcome his contempt for the mainstreaming of nerdery, or will this clash of the subcultures come to a head?

Check it out on IndieGoGo:
Zero charismA


5 Triumphant Ouches (Failures)


What happens when your internet is out? You browse your computer. I found 5 videos (and strung them together) sent to me back when that is what people did before posting them here. At least that is the story I am sticking to. One after the other, I cringed. OH! The last one is truly painful looking. Have fun!



Mortal Moral Quandry: FINISH IT

Hypomotheticaly speaking are you obligated to report seeing a dead body? I mean obligated in the legal sense as the moral one is undoubtedly “duh-UH!”. Lets say as a fer-instance you are hopping and bopping along to “She-bop” on your car radio (because it could happen if you are me) and you’re stopped in traffic on a busy city street and out of the corner of your eye there’s a dude in a windbreaker hanging out a window, arms dangling, a large piece of furniture or something pressed against them, a dead, hollow, deep look in their eyes. Factor in you have a mobile phone in your car (yes, your car, not your pants, we didn’t have pants or cell phones that could even fit into pants back then if we had them in the first place which we DIDN’T thanks for bringing up the painful realities of my youth again, you bastard) and you may or may not have completed a drugs/gun/human traficking deal that you swear is your last one and then you’re going legit and taking the night managers position at your uncles erotic button factory.


Well, what would YOU do if YOU were the driver? (yea, thats gonna be my catch-phrase and yes, its stolen)



Marshmallow: Job Killer or Killer Job?

liedSomeone, somewhere has the job of measuring marshmallow consistency. I spent most of my afternoon fantasizing about this person. I wonder how many times a day someone calls them Mr./Ms Stay-Puft or if they are tired of unlicensed nuclear accelerators being playfully waved in their face day after day. When this person goes postal (or is it toastal?) I want to both be there and be their first victim.

What would YOU do if YOU were the driver?



at&t goes in for the kill: buying T-Mobile.

image by engadgetmobile.com

Oh great. Just what I needed – to make another decision. I have been reading some blogs and replies to posts, and the greatest replies are the FuTards asking when they can buy an iPhone. BUY ONE WHENEVER YOU WANT. I understand this is good for at&t for a larger LTE footprint, and of course, T-Mobile is in the shitsink, but it does come as a surprise, I guess. I would have liked a merger with Sprint more. Their philosophy is more aligned with one another. So, I guess this means a bill-hike and a rules change. It also means I will likely be able to terminate my contract with T-Mobile. at some point. Sprint seems like the next best options – even though I left them over a decade ago for Omnipoint (who would eventually become VoiceStream, then bought by T-Mobile).

Great. Sprint. Until Verizon buys them.


Here you go:


pwn3d. by a Lexus? Suck.

So, Saturday I was taking a drive to Guitar Center in North Mass. I got onto the highway, and merged in with traffic – slowing down because the traffic ahead of me was stopped. I came to a stop, and a second later – SMASH!  I took it in the rear by a Lexus.  He was not looking, and admitted it. Looking over his left shoulder to find a window of opportunity to merge in as well. When he hit me, I shot forward, and turned (purposely) into the right guardrail to avoid colliding with the Honda in front of me.


I still hit the Honda, but only my left front corner into the read right of the number – spanking the muffler. I ended up on top of a small now bank and the guardrail. My KNEE! Ouch. I found plastic I did not know I had! And there was like $8 in change (thats where I left it!) all over the place. Including outside – weird. I am unsure how it got outside.

Rear bumper is gone, rear left chassis smashed in. Front looks like a pile of crap. I don’t think the Adjuster will total it.  So I guess I wait for it to be fixed. Until then, it’s a rental’ing I will go.