at&t goes in for the kill: buying T-Mobile.

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Oh great. Just what I needed – to make another decision. I have been reading some blogs and replies to posts, and the greatest replies are the FuTards asking when they can buy an iPhone. BUY ONE WHENEVER YOU WANT. I understand this is good for at&t for a larger LTE footprint, and of course, T-Mobile is in the shitsink, but it does come as a surprise, I guess. I would have liked a merger with Sprint more. Their philosophy is more aligned with one another. So, I guess this means a bill-hike and a rules change. It also means I will likely be able to terminate my contract with T-Mobile. at some point. Sprint seems like the next best options – even though I left them over a decade ago for Omnipoint (who would eventually become VoiceStream, then bought by T-Mobile).

Great. Sprint. Until Verizon buys them.


Here you go: