pwn3d. by a Lexus? Suck.

So, Saturday I was taking a drive to Guitar Center in North Mass. I got onto the highway, and merged in with traffic – slowing down because the traffic ahead of me was stopped. I came to a stop, and a second later – SMASH!  I took it in the rear by a Lexus.  He was not looking, and admitted it. Looking over his left shoulder to find a window of opportunity to merge in as well. When he hit me, I shot forward, and turned (purposely) into the right guardrail to avoid colliding with the Honda in front of me.


I still hit the Honda, but only my left front corner into the read right of the number – spanking the muffler. I ended up on top of a small now bank and the guardrail. My KNEE! Ouch. I found plastic I did not know I had! And there was like $8 in change (thats where I left it!) all over the place. Including outside – weird. I am unsure how it got outside.

Rear bumper is gone, rear left chassis smashed in. Front looks like a pile of crap. I don’t think the Adjuster will total it.  So I guess I wait for it to be fixed. Until then, it’s a rental’ing I will go.